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There are many reasons for custom design clothing: LOWER PRICE, usually as a rule, should not be considered one of them except where a knock-off of an expensive designer original is desired. I would remind the customer that while I can legally give you a close look-alike, I am obligated by law to honor copyrighted designs.

Reminder: If you can find what you want for the price you are willing to pay, buy it. I can alter it to fit.

My goal is to keep my labor costs reasonable and the total cost of the project within the agreed upon quote. However, if a customer makes significant changes to a design while in production, those changes could add more to the agreed upon cost.

Reasons for custom-made designs: unique style, size, color, fabrics, simplicity of style and design that complements your body shape, retro styles, costumes, children's, religious or cultural clothing, heirloom, theme weddings or party garments, unique Red Hat designs in red or purple.

A free consultation will help you decide your options.
As a rule, I do not embroider projects because of time and labor costs, but it can be negotiable.

  • The cost of bustle to a train is by the # of pair points it takes to get the dress off the floor in an attractive drape that complements the dress design. This can be as little as one pair-point or as many as 20 or more. The average is somewhere in between these two examples and depends on the fullness of the dress and train.

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